If I were a Carpenter.

This file tells my connections to the Carpenter family surname. I have so many in my background that maybe I should have considered carpentry as a profession.

Carpenter Connections

My Johnson to Carpenter connection is the marriage of William Frances Johnson (my maternal great grandfather) to Minerva Ann Carpenter in the year 1884. Minerva was the daughter of Samuel Carpenter and Nancy Jane Bird. Nancy Jane Bird was the daughter of John Calvin Bird.

Samuel Carpenter married Nancy in Mercer County in the year 1864, that was the second marriage for Samuel. Samuel Carpenter was born 1813 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia to Samuel (1779-1818) Carpenter and Nancy Stone. Samuel was first married to Martha Harefield and had a daughter named Martha Jane. Martha Jane married Silas Jenkins Bird, the son of Thomas Alexander Bird and Emily Jane Oxley.

Minerva Carpenter Johnson was born 1868 in Mercer County, West Virginia and moved to Wayne County, West Virginia sometime in the 1870’s. Hugh Chandos Johnson, the son of William and Minerva, often told the story about traveling to Wayne County, West Virginia and finding a spring near where his mother settled. A family story often told is about Minerva and her sister playing in the road when the Jesse James gang rode past them after robbing the bank in Huntington, West Virginia.

The next Carpenter connection is the marriage of Hugh Chandos Johnson to Alta May Smallridge. Alta May’s ancestry is directly to another Carpenter line. Alta May was the daughter of Cephus Smallridge and Betty Carpenter. Betty Carpenter was the daughter of John Porter Carpenter and Mary Virginia Carpenter.

The lineage of John Porter Carpenter is: his father was Elias born 1813, mother was Rebecca Laywell born 1815. The father of Elias was John F. Carpenter and Mary Wheeler.
The lineage of Mary Virginia Carpenter is: her father was Thomas born 1805 and her mother is only known as Elizabeth. Thomas Carpenter is thought to be the brother of John F. Carpenter and both were probably soldiers in Battle of Pt. Pleasant(the first battle of the revolutionary war in Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia).

The next Carpenter connection is the marriage of Bettie Evelyn Johnson (sister of my grandfather Hugh Chandos Johnson) to Herman Lou Carpenter. Herman was born in Clay County, West Virginia in 1873 and died 1947 Lincoln County, West Virginia. Herman was the son of Solomon (born 1819) Carpenter and Elizabeth Lyons. Solomon was the son of Jesse (1785-1850) Carpenter and Margaret Cottrell. Jesse Carpenter’s lineage can be traced back to Joseph Coles Carpenter born 1693 New York.

Herman Carpenter first married Martha Nottingham and had two children: James Shelton and Tiny. Herman Carpenter later married Cosby Ellen Bird. Cosby was the daughter of John Calvin Bird and Lelia Plumley.


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