Putnam County Thorntons Part 2

The second child of Addison Henry and Lucy Goode Thornton was Catherine Jenny(Virginia) and she was born in Putnam County, West Virginia. Catherine was born July 8, 1869 and died July 17, 1964. Catherine married Charles Loftis on November 29, 1886 in Gallipolis, Ohio. Charles and Catherine Virginia Thornton Loftis had the following children:

  • Thomas Addison January 29, 1888-May 16, 1966; married Victoria Elizabeth Tackett
  • Mary Lee September 9, 1890-April 5, 1962; married Fred Mittlestead
  • William Leslie March 23, 1893-June 4, 1979
  • Sarah Francis September 9, 1895-1951; married Ulysses Grant Holstein
  • Dana Lee September 6, 1898-January 31, 1998; married Ocea Ellis
  • Charles Fleetwood May 7, 1901-November 6, 1989; married Alma White

Charles and Catherine Loftis are buried at Teays Hill Cemetery in St. Albans, West Virginia.


The third child of Addison Henry and Lucy Goode Thornton was Ellender Frances. Ellender was born October 22, 1871 and died February 28, 1908. Ellender married John Henry Austin February 21, 1889 at the home of Samuel Henry Bird by T. G. Bonham. John Henry was the son of Daniel Austin and Leuthisha Bird. Leuthisha was the daughter of John and Rena Phebe Bird and the sister of Samuel Henry Bird. John Henry and Ellender Frances Thornton Austin had the following children:

  • Elmer S. born August 1890
  • Loyd August 28, 1893-November 2, 1971, buried Teays Hill Cemetery, St. Albans, WV
  • Claud September 1894-October 29, 1911
  • Romie Baron May 21, 1897-December 1965
  • Roy born October 1899
  • John Robert March 11, 1903-May 18, 1959, buried Teays Hill Cemetery, St. Albans, WV

After Ellender’s death, John Henry married Nancy Keeling, the daughter of Thomas and Eliza Quick Keeling. John Henry and Nancy Keeling Austin had the following children:

  • Leonard died 1911 Lincoln County, WV
  • Everett died 1916 Lincoln County, WV
  • Henry J. died 1919 Lincoln County, WV
  • Dortha born 1913, married Forest Stutler on 1936 Lincoln County, WV
  • Bessie died 1917 Lincoln County, WV

John Henry Austin died 1918 and Nancy married Marshall Arbaugh in 1920. Nancy died 1938 in Lincoln County, West Virginia.

John Henry Austin and his wife Ellender Francis are buried at the Goode Cemetery in Lincoln County, West Virginia.

The fourth child of Addison Henry and Lucy Goode Thornton was Addison Lee. Addison Lee was born May 9, 1874 in Putnam County, West Virginia and died February 28, 1953 on his farm on Laurel Fork, Yerkes, Kentucky. He is buried in Coldwell Cemetery, Yerkes, Kentucky. He married (1) Mary Ellen Terry around 1892 or 1893. Mary was born April 23, 1874 and died August 15, 1909 and is buried in Terry Cemetery in Putnam County, West Virginia. He married (2) Emma Sharp around 1910 or 1911. He married (3) Mary Ellen Finley on December 16, 1920 in Breathitt County, Kentucky. Mary was born December 28, 1894.

The children of Addison Lee Thornton and Mary Ellen Terry are:

  • Nina Pearl, born June 13, 1894; married Elmer Callahan 1912.
  • Dewey Hubert, born September 27, 1898 ; died July 21, 1955; married Mattie Cova Vannatter on< July 24, 1917
    Iza Clemency, born March 28, 1901; married Fred Arbaugh
  • Tempi Gertrugal, born May 15, 1902; died November 15, 1908 (diphtheria) buried Terry Cemetery, Putnam County, West Virginia.
  • Henry, born February 10, 1903; died May 2, 1905 (drowned) buried Terry Cemetery, Putnam County, West Virginia.
  • Drewey Clarence, born May 30, 1905; died March 15, 1928 ( killed in coal mine accident in Logan County, West Virginia.
  • Mary Hannah, born May 10, 1906; May 10, 1906 buried Terry Cemetery, Putnam County, West Virginia.

athorntonThe children of Addison Lee Thornton and Mary Ellen Finley are:addisonthornton_tombstone

  • Woodrow, born October 10, 1921 in Jackson, Kentucky ; married Elmira Hoskins on August 25, 1940.
  • James Harold, born February 16, 1923 in Combs, Kentucky; married Roberta Colwell on August 31, 1962
  • Virginia May, born March 19, 1924; died circa 1926
  • Charles Ray, born June 27, 1926 in Walkertown, Kentucky; married (1) Juanita Howard 1949, (2) Mary ? 1959, (3) Mabel Buy on May 18, 1965 at Ft. Worth, Texas.
  • Emma Ruth, born July 13, 1928 in Walkertown, Kentucky ; died June 2, 1950; married Willie Milam at Busy, Kentucky on October 7, 1947.
  • Joyce Naoma, born November 22, 1934 in Typo, Kentucky; married Jeremiah Caudill in Hazard, Kentucky on June 28, 1951.
  • William Lee, born October 6, 1931 in Combs, Kentucky; married Anne Carolyn Hamilton in Jackson, Tennessee on June 30, 1954.
  • Shelba Jane, born October 20, 1936 in Typo, Kentucky; married James Addison Stockton in Combs, Kentucky on December 18, 1954.
  • Franklin Don, born April 28, 1939 in Yerkes, Kentucky; married Mary Magdalene Napier in Yerkes, Kentucky on December 24, 1959

The fifth child of Addison Henry and Lucy Goode Thornton was Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson Thornton was born January 1, 1877 in Putnam County, West Virginia on a farm adjoining the Lincoln county line. He never saw his father who left the Hurricane area two months before Tom was born and never returned. Thomas Jefferson first married Rosie Leah Oxley the daughter of Creed Peter Oxley and Mary Daily Bell. Thomas and Rosie Leah were married January 5, 1898 in Putnam County, West Virginia. On May 21, 1902 Thomas J. Thornton purchased 60 acres on Turkey Creek from Lafayette Henry Oxley (Rosie’s brother).

Thomas Jefferson Thornton as recorded on the federal census is listed below:

  • The 1870 Putnam County – Curry District- the Federal Census shows Thomas’ father Addison living with his brother Thomas. The family had recently moved into West Virginia with the William Goode family from Franklin County, Virginia. Thomas S. Thornton and Addison Henry Thornton had married William Goode’s daughters. The Addison Henry family includes his wife Lucy plus son William Page age 3 and daughter Catherine J. age 2. The listing is dwelling #89 and family #88.
  • The 1880 Lincoln County – Duval District- the Federal Census finds Lucy living with her father William Goode and her children. The children listed are William age 14, Catherine age 12, Ellen age 10, Adison age 8 and Thomas age 6. (This age for Thomas was in error by the census taker)
  • The next Federal Census is for the year 1900 because the 1890 records were destroyed.
  • The 1900 Putnam County – Curry District- Census shows Thomas J. was born January 1877 age 23   and married 2 years. The listing also shows his wife Rosie L. (Oxley) born June 1875 age 24 and their daughter Gyneth E. born May 1899.
  • The 1910 Putnam County – Curry District- Federal Census lists Thomas J. Thornton age 33 and   Rosa L. age 35. The children listed are Elva G. age 11, Leva B. age 9, Lewis F. age 6 and Elwood F. age 3. Creed P. Oxley age 82 is also listed as father-in-law and widowed. The family is listed as #143 and family   #142 is Lewis M. and Anna L. Thornton and # 144 is William P. and Nancy J. Thornton operating a retail store. (Lewis is Thomas’ first cousin and William is his brother)
  • The 1920 Putnam County – Curry District- Federal Census lists Thomas J. Thornton age 43 and   wife Harriett age 33, daughter Leva Byrnside age 18, son-in-law Virgil Byrnside age 19, son Lewis F. age 15, Elwood age 13, Jesse C. age 9, Everette W. age 4, step daughter Violet Oxley age 13, step son Jasper Oxley age 12, step son Bernard E. Oxley age 9 and step son Raymond C. age 6. The census is dated February 2 and does not list a son Leonard Edward born January 29.
  • The 1930 Putnam County– Curry District- Federal Census lists Thomas age 53, Harriett age 43, son Jesse age 20, son Everette age 15, son Leonard age 12, son Buford age 11, daughter Edith age 7, son Howard age 5, step son Bernard Oxley age 20 and step son Raymond Oxley age 15. The date on the census is April 15 and the family is still located on the ridge. The adjoining families are C. B. Quick #126, Thomas Thornton #127 and Alfred Edwards #128.

Thomas Jefferson and Rosie Oxley Thornton

Thomas Jefferson and Rosie Oxley Thornton

Thomas Jefferson “Jeff” and Rosie Leah Thornton had the following children:

  1. sloan_thorntonGyneth Elva born May 10, 1899 and died March 19, 1992; married William Edward Sloan. William Sloan was born October 1, 1899 and died May 28, 1989. William was the son of Dora O. Sloan and Mary Delola (Wade) Sloan. William “Ed” and Elva Sloan had the following children:
    1. Rachel Virginia born 1921-2002, married Wilburn Sheridan Mosteller 1919-1995
    2. Dorsey J. 1922-1969, married (1) Vola Marie Smallridge (2) Justine Meadows
    3. Inez Leah born 1924, married (1) Dorsel Alexander Johnson 1916-1991 (2) Creed William Bird 1927-1994
    4. Thomas Franklin born 1926-2001, married Lillian Doris Graham 1928-2012
    5. Hubert 1929- 2006, married Isley Kathleen Wood

Leva BethelLeva Bethel born February 18, 1901 – died July 14, 1987; married Virgil Leslie Byrnside. Virgil was born August 17, 1900 – died April 30, 1987. Virgil was the son of Caleb Henry Byrnside and Ada Francis Bird. Virgil and Leva Byrnside had the following children:

  1. Iva Naomi 1920-2007, married Paul Thomas Broyles 1907-1991 and Ray Dooley
  2. Iris Wilma 1923-2007, married Oris Lee Williams
  3. Hobert Hershel born 1925, married Dorothy Sowards
  4. Darrell Homer 1928-2008,married Ruth Ann Davis

Lewis Fleetwood was born June 3, 1904 and died February 20, 1980. Fleet married (1) Oma Lee Smith 1927 and divorced her in 1929 after finding her with another man. He next married (2) Ova May Alford, she was born February 7, 1911 and died October 14, 1987. Fleet and Oma had the following child:

  1. Evelyn Phyllis born 1929, married Kenneth Paul Sheets 1925- 200

Fleet and Ova May had the following children:

  1.  Marvella Bell born 1935, married James Darrell Woodrum 1931- 2006
  2.  Clara Jean born 1946, married (1) Sheven Stanley Phillips (2) Robert Lee Bays
  3.  Cathy Lynn born 1951-2006
  4.  Calvin Lewis 1953-1996, married Kathern Eugenia Saul

Elwood FranklinElwood Franklin born January 1, 1907- died September 25, 1992 and married Gertrude Emma Stewart born August 5, 1907- died October 24, 1992. Elwood and Gertrude had the following children:

  1. Phyllis Ann born 1935, married Harry Willis Bowe
  2. Carol June born 1937, married Kenneth Dean Gellinger
  3. Franklin Dale born 1942, married Barbara Joyce Bowe

jesseclayJesse Clay born January 12, 1911- died July 12, 1961 and married Rosetta Ascenath Edwards born August 10, 1910- died April 19, 1989 daughter of Alfred O. Edwards and Lelia Bell Bird. Jesse and Rosetta had the following children :

  1. Janet Darlene born 1935, married Phillip Delano Chapman 1932-2003
  2. Irene Bell born 1936, married Albert Goff
  3. Betty Leah born 1942, married Clifton Franklin Lipscomb
  4. Bobby Lee 1942-1942, Betty’s twin
  5. Brenda Sue born 1945, married Richard Eben White
  6. Linda Lou 1945-1945, Brenda’s twin
  7. Gregory Clay born 1950, married Regina Ann Ramey

everettwilsonEverett Wilson born October 2, 1914- died December 14, 1987 and married Mary Lee Bird born February 21, 1918- died May 21, 1993 daughter of Joseph Addison Bird and Melinda Mae Spears. Everett and Mary had the following children:

  1. Keith Ray born 1936, married Darlin Rosalie White
  2. Rosie Mae born 1938
  3. Vernon Clay born 1945
  4. Norma Gay born 1947, married Billy Lee Thornton
  5. Phillip Edward born 1955, married Marilyn Sergent.

Thomas J. Thornton purchased 55.2 acres on Rock Branch of Trace Fork from his brother W.P. Thornton on April 24, 1908. The 1910 Putnam County, West Virginia Census shows Thomas living between Henry Wise Bird and W. P. Thornton. This land is located at the base of the hill where Henry Bird lived and just up the creek from Alfred Edwards.

A location for Bird Cemetery on this map is W and N


The square is the site of the Thornton store where Thomas Jefferson Thornton worked and learned the store business with his brother William Page Thornton.

On the 1900, 1910 and 1920 Putnam County Census for Curry District, Thomas Thornton is listed as a farmer in all cases. Leonard Thornton stated that his father was in partnership with his older brother Billy (William) in the business of running the general store.

On the 1910 census the store operators are listed as William Thornton and his son Alvin. On the 1920 census the operators are listed as William Thornton’s son Millard and Robert Meadows (married William Thornton’s daughter Virgie).


The Thomas J. Thornton home on Rock Branch as it looked in July 2000.

Rosie Leah Thornton died in the year 1918 and Thomas Jefferson then had six children to care for alone. The girls (Elva and Leva) were then young ladies and Elwood was 11, Fleet was 14, Jesse was 7 and Everett was only 4 years old.

Thomas “Jeff” Thornton married Harriet Ann Bird Oxley on December 1918. Harriet was the widow of John Peter Oxley (7/18/1880-1/1/1914) and she had the following Oxley children from that marriage:williamcarpenter

        1. Iva Asenith born December 12, 1904 and died February 23, 1905
        2. Violet Ester born February 21, 1906 and died August 25, 1927,  married William Hubert Carpenter. Hubert and Violet had a son named Hartley William Carpenter.
        3. Jasper and Mamie OxleyJasper Levi born January 16, 1908 and died July 10, 1989, married Mamie Grettle Mullins. Mamie was born January 28, 1912 and died October 22, 1997. Jasper and Mamie had the following children:
          1. Elizabeth Orpha born 1929, married Robert Wilson Cottle
          2. Bessie Delores born 1932, married William Wilton Daniels
          3. John Samuel born 1936-2011
          4. Roger Dale
        4. bird_oxleyBernard Elmer born February 23, 1911 and died May 17, 2003, married Lena Garnet Bird. Garnet was born July 13, 1904 and died October 5, 1994. Bernard and Garnet had the following children:
          1. Archie Lewis born 1935, married Lillian Birtelle Smith
          2. Lula Bell 1937-2009
          3. Madeline 1949-1949
        5. Raymond Creed born February 13, 1914 and died March 29, 2002, married Cleo Macil Edwards. Cleo was born June 26, 1917 and died June 28, 1982. Raymond and Cleo had the following children:
          1. Hartsel F. 1937-1937
          2. Verna Lea 1940-2006, married Lloyd James Tarkington
          3. Alton Ray 1943-2000, married (1) Carloyn Kay Chaney, (2) Victoria Ann Woodall
          4. Clifford Wayne born 1945, married Linda Lou Woodall
          5. Beth Ann 1959-1959










Thomas “Jeff” Thornton and Harriet Bird Oxley had their first child on January 29, 1920 and are pictured below with their baby Leonard Edward.


Thomas “Jeff” Thornton purchased 109.3 acres on December 21, 1921 on Rock Camp Branch from Fount Carpenter’s widow (Zaida). Thomas’ father (Addison Henry) purchased a portion of the same farm (50 acres) in 1870 from Richard Byrnside. The farm house is pictured.


Thomas farmed and was involved in the operation of Albert Edward’s grocery store. The store was also owned by his brother William Thornton and Shelby Beckett. Thomas (Jeff) and Harriet had the following children:

          1. Leonard Edward born January 29, 1920 and November 22, 2013, married Ina Elsie Johnson (January 15, 1925- November 22, 2011)
          2. Buford Randolph born August 14, 1921 and died November 25, 2001, married (1) Wealthy Mae Mills and (2) Lena Ruth Sergent
          3. Edith Evelyn born January 21, 1924 and June 2016, married James Willard Johnson (February 20, 1924-October 8, 2003)
          4. Howard Ray born February 27, 1926, married (1) Justine Lenora Johnson and (2) Kathleen Warren(1933-2001)
          5. Catherine Jane born November 1, 1931 and died January 2014, married Joe Coyner. (August 12, 1930-December 23, 2005)

In the year 1931, Thomas started operating the Madison McCallister store on Turkey Creek. Thomas leased the Madison McCallister store from 1931 to 1938. On June 7, 1938 Thomas purchased 30.5 acres from Madison McCallister, which included the store and surrounding acreage.

An old note pad that belonged to the late Thomas Jefferson Thornton that he used in the old country store list prices in the store. Herewith are some of the prices common items in those days, and you think about what the same items cost you today: January 1941 – Oats, 10 cents; Tobacco, 10 cents; Milk, 5 cents; Lamp oil, 20 cents; Chewing gum, 3 cents; Corn, 10 cents; Sugar, 14 cents.

Leonard and Buford planted various fruit trees (apple, peach & pear) on the first flat up the hill behind the store in the spring of 1936. The trees were growing well that spring until that summer when they were struck by the 17-year locust. The locust killed nearly all the trees that Thomas had purchased from Stark Brothers.


The Thomas Jefferson Thornton family around 1940




The children of Thomas Jefferson probably around 1960. The picture was taken in front of Raymond Oxley’s home on Rt. 34 south of Hurricane, WV


The headstones of Thomas and Rosie Thornton and John and Harriet Oxley in background. The resting place is the Bird Cemetery atop a hill overlooking Trace Fork of Mud River.


One thought on “Putnam County Thorntons Part 2

  1. Thank you for taking your time to outline the family tree. I am the daughter of William Lee Thornton and Anne Carolyn Hamilton. My father was the son of Addison Lee Thornton and Mary Finley. When my parents married they moved to Fort Worth, Texas where I was born Alisa Tawn Thornton in October of 1955. They also had a son Monte Lee Thornton born in August of 1957 and a daughter Tonya Ann Thornton born in May 1960. My father passed away in November of 2001. Both my sister and I have been married but neither of us were successful in bearing children. My brother Monte has 1 daughter Jessica Anne by his first wife Sondra and two step sons by his 2nd wife Irene.
    I have attempted to locate through the web any surviving Thornton family members who moved to Dayton, Ohio and Franklin, Ohio areas. Dad’s sister Jane married a man with the last name of Stockton and they resided in Franklin, Ohio for years, they had a daughter by the name of Yvonne who was close to my age. Dad’s sister Joyce married and had sons they lived in Dayton, Ohio.


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