Another Bird?

I have researched members of my family with the Bird surname and now I will mention another bird and that is the Buzzard family. Martin Buzzard was a close friend to my maternal great great grandfather and I will research some of his background.
Martin Buzzard, Benjamin Johnson’s future brother-in-law, is listed on the 1810 Bath County, Virginia census, living with his wife and an older woman probably his mother, Elizabeth Ault Bosshart. Martin Buzzard’s brothers (Reubin, Solomon and Leonard) are also listed separately as heads of households. Martin and his brothers were the sons of Henry and Elizabeth Bosshart. Henry Bosshart was born 26 December 1725 in Germany, and died 1791 in Pendleton County, Virginia. Henry Bosshart and Elizabeth Ault were married 1760 in Pendleton County, Virginia. Henry Bosshart owned land on Dry Run of North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River. Henry’s land was in the vicinity of Cherry Grove and Snowy River Road.
Martin Buzzard and some of his family apparently moved south from Pendleton County, Virginia after the death of his father. Martin Buzzard was married to Nancy McCallister by the time of the 1810 Bath County, Virginia census because a wife also appears on that census. Martin Buzzrd’s brother Leonard married Hannah McCallister, a sister to Nancy and daughter of James McCallister. James McCallister is also listed on this census aged over 45 years(born 1765 or before) and three daughters aged 16 to 26(born 1784 to 1794). One of the three daughters of James McCallister was probably Mary the future wife of Benjamin Johnson. James McCallister born about 1760, the son of James McCallister the immigrant. James McCallister and Thomas McCallister are both listed on the 1810 Bath County, Virginia census both born before 1765 meaning they were probably sons of James McCallister the immigrant. Thomas McCallister was living in the area of his brother Richard McCallister near Dunlap Creek along the great road from Sweet Springs, Virginia to Lewisburg, Virginia. James McCallister, Jr. is only referred to in his father’s will in two areas: listing James’ son James and that he was given 5 shillings and no land. Martin Buzzard had traveled from the waters of the Potomac south and down the Jackson River to the head waters near Sweet Springs.
Benjamin Johnson was living on Trace Fork of Mud River by the year 1809 in a “Sketch of Lincoln County History” by F. B. Lambert. Benjamin Johnson & Mary McCallister were married by Joshua Mores on October 22, 1814. The McCallister and Buzzard families in Bath County, Virginia as late as 1810 means they migrated to Trace Fork of Mud between 1810 and 1814.
Martin Buzzard and Benjamin Johnson became close friends and Benjamin was the executor of Martin Buzzard’s estate in November 1837. In the settlement of estate of Martin Buzzard, John Wheeler paid $2.50 for a coffin and Benjamin Johnson was paid $14.67 as allowance as administrator the estate. The family closeness is revealed by the fact that Martin Buzzard’s son Martin married Benjamin Johnson’s daughter Rhoda Angeline Johnson on April 18, 1848 in Cabell County, West Virginia. The marriage was actually in Putnam County, West Virginia but it was before Putnam County was formed in 1850.
Martin Buzzard, Sr. was born about 1782 in Pendleton County, Virginia and then lived in Bath County, Virginia before moving to Lick Creek of Trace Fork of Mud River in Putnam County, Virginia. Martin Buzzard, Sr. and Nancy McCallister had the following children:
Nancy born about 1817.
Henry born about 1823 and married Hannah Stephenson, May 30, 1843.
Martin, Jr., born about 1821 and died before 1870.
Anna , born. 1827.
Martin Buzzard, Jr. was born about 1821 in Putnam County, Virginia, and died before 1870. He married Rhoda Angeline Johnson April 18, 1848 in Cabell County, Virginia. She was born about 1820 and died before 1870. The children of Martin Buzzard and Rhoda Johnson are:
Leonard born 1849; married Sarrena Morran; born about 1859.
Gilbert born 1854; died 1921; married Juda L. Lovejoy born 1857; died 1923.
Sarah, born April 30, 1855.
Mary M. born April 26, 1859.
Thornton, born May 1860, Putnam County, Virginia; died June 22, 1933, Comfort, Boone           County, West Virginia; married Lucretia Clementine Higginbotham, April 18, 1882,                  Boone County, West Virginia; born November 5, 1861, Raleigh County, Virginia; died               February 1, 1930, Comfort, Boone County, West Virginia.
Hoscis born 1865.
Martin III, born 1866.
William born 1867.
Lewis O. born 1869.
Vertina born September 1869.
Martin Buzzard, Jr. was related to me by way of my maternal great great grandfather and his descendants have lived mainly in western West Virginia.


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