Paul Family in Putnam County, WV

I will mention some facts about the Paul family that settled in the Putnam County, West Virginia area in the early part of the nineteenth century. My family connection to the Paul family is that my maternal great grandfather’s half-sister married Joseph Paul. Joseph Paul was the son of George Paul who was born circa 1775 and later settled in Putnam County, West Virginia.
Another Paul family member that is related to one of my distant relatives is Hugh Paul that was born 1815 and married Susan Duke, the daughter of James Duke. Susan Duke was the sister of my maternal great great grandmother.
There were three Paul brothers that moved west from the Greenbrier-Monroe County area of Virginia and settled on or near the waters of Trace Fork of Mud River, each married a daughter of Roger Kilpatrick. Roger Kilpatrick, son of Charles Kilpatrick, came to Monroe County from Augusta County, Virginia about 1780 and died 1797. Roger Kilpatrick had land between Indian and Hans Creek in Red Sulphur Springs area of Monroe County, Virginia. These three brothers were:
Hugh born about 1765
Daniel born about 1772
George born about 1775
The death of George Paul in 1853 is recorded in Putnam County, West Virginia and names his parents as Daniel and Harriet Paul.
The children of Daniel and Harriet Paul are named in a Greenbrier County, West Virginia law suit dated August 30, 1798 seeking equity in the estate of Hugh Paul. The children are listed as : Sarah Paul and husband John Sciers
John Paul
Isaac Paul
George Paul
Daniel Paul
Jesse Paul
Mary Paul
Frances Paul and husband John Ellison
Elizabeth Paul
There is some confusion as to whether the children of Daniel Paul, Sr. were actually seeking part of their brother Hugh’s estate because the 1810 Kanawha County, Virginia census shows Hugh Paul was born around 1765. The lawsuit seems more likely to have been against the estate of their uncle Hugh Paul. Some records indicate that the brother of Daniel Paul, Sr.(Hugh) did not die until 1804 in Greenbrier County, West Virginia which adds to the confusion of this lawsuit. The Hugh Paul named in 1798 lawsuit could have been the son of Hugh Paul(Daniel Paul, Sr.‘s brother) but it seems less likely that he would have much of an estate because of his relatively young age.
Daniel Paul, Sr. and his brother Hugh Paul are listed on early tithable lists in the tidewater area of Virginia. The 1747 tithable list for Prince William County, Virginia lists Daniel Paul as a servant / tenant of Isaac Foster, Isaac Foster’s brother had a servant / tenant by the name of Hugh Paul. Hugh Paul the Scot was on a roster of the Virginia Regiment at Fort Necessity 1754 with George Washington. Hugh Paul and his brother Daniel probably immigrated from Scotland before 1747.
Daniel Paul was in Greenbrier County, West Virginia as early as 1788, an August 28, 1788 Greenbrier Court order states that Daniel Paul was a tenant of Wallace Estill. Daniel Paul died between 1789 and 1792 based upon tax records in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.
The brothers that settled on the Trace Fork of the Mud River in Putnam County, West Virginia are:
The first brother was Hugh Paul born 1765 and married Anna Kilpatrick September 1787 in Greenbrier County, Virginia and then married Frances Wiatt in 1804 in Monroe County, Virginia. Hugh Paul was probably the first of the brothers to migrate west because he appears as early as 1806 in Kanawha County, Virginia on a tax list. Hugh Paul is listed on the Kanawha County, Virginia census for the years 1810, 1820 and 1830 but not 1840 probably meaning he died between 1830 and 1840 about the age 65-75. Hugh Paul is thought to be the father of Roger born 1788 and Nimrod born 1789.

The next brother was Daniel Paul born 1772 and married Letty Kilpatrick 1797 by Jacob Cook in Greenbrier County, Virginia. Daniel Paul appears on the 1850 Putnam County, Virginia census but not on the 1860 census meaning he died between 1850-1860 about the age 78-88. Daniel Paul was the father of Jesse born 1800, Daniel, Jr. born 1810 and Lee born 1815.

The next brother was George Paul born circa 1775 and married Jane Kilpatrick 1797 by Jacob Cook in Greenbrier County, Virginia. George Paul died 1853 in Putnam County, Virginia. George Paul was the father of James born 1796, William born 1798, Brice born 1800, Joseph E. born 1807 and Hugh born 1815.

The three brothers that came to Putnam County, West Virginia when that county was part of Kanawha and Cabell counties had many sons and grandsons to carry the Paul surname into the future.


One thought on “Paul Family in Putnam County, WV

  1. I am a descendant of Daniel Paul, Jr. What follows is my family tree. I would be very interested in contacting other members of this branch of my family tree.
    Daniel Paul (1725 – 1791)
    6th great-grandfather
    Daniel Paul (1755 – 1774)
    son of Daniel Paul
    Daniel Paul (1772 – 1850)
    son of Daniel Paul
    Lee Paul (1810 – 1880)
    son of Daniel Paul
    Henderson PAUL (1839 – 1903)
    son of Lee Paul
    Sophisa (Sopphire) Paul (1875 – 1958)
    daughter of Henderson PAUL
    Nelson Richard Rinehart (1908 – 1976)
    son of Sophisa (Sopphire) Paul 
    Marvin Richard Rinehart (1940 – 2016)
    son of Nelson Richard Rinehart
    Stacy Rene Rinehart-


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